The world is facing extensive electrification, and the scale and speed of the transition require concrete legislative changes. The energy companies therefore welcome the Climate Law Investigation’s final report and recommend that the proposals, with some minor changes, be quickly put into action. However, the energy companies make the assessment that today it is too … Read more


In the future, more emobility will be needed and today there is no longer any contradiction between free mobility and sustainable mobility. The electrification of the vehicle fleet is proceeding at breakneck speed. In that situation, both the journey and the transition must be facilitated. Many who drive both cars and heavier vehicles can give … Read more

Electricity cost

In the rapid electricity trade price that we have, the total electricity cost will be as large as the district heating or higher for many households. This despite the fact that the amount of electricity corresponds to only a quarter of the heat in the house.The difference in average price between the northern and southern … Read more

Children’s Climate Prize

Samyak Shrimali from Portland, USA is the next finalist to be presented for the Children’s Climate Prize From hundreds of applicants from over 30 countries around the world, the jury for the Children’s Climate Prize 2022 has selected this year’s five finalists. One of them is Samyak Shrimali, 17 years old from Portland, USA. With … Read more