The world is facing extensive electrification

The world is facing extensive electrification

The world is facing extensive electrification, and the scale and speed of the transition require concrete legislative changes. The energy companies therefore welcome the Climate Law Investigation’s final report and recommend that the proposals, with some minor changes, be quickly put into action.

However, the energy companies make the assessment that today it is too slow to renew and expand the necessary infrastructure. In order for electrification to be realized at the pace that industry and society demand, legislative changes are required alongside new working methods and processes.

There are several proposals in the Climate Law Investigation that will shorten the lead times for maintenance, capacity increase and new construction of electricity grids.

  • The proposal that is judged to have the greatest effect on lead times is the proposal to clarify the technology selection issue in the grid concession regulation. The energy companies therefore support the proposal on how the choice between overhead line and cable should be assessed when examining an application for a line concession.
  • The energy companies want a review of the national interest in energy distribution to begin immediately.
  • The energy companies wish that the proposals for general exemptions for beach protection and general biotope protection should be implemented immediately.

Europe faces a very large need for new and reinvestments in both electricity production and electricity grids at all voltage levels. But to be able to realize the expansion, changes to the law as well as new working methods and processes are required, and the proposals presented in the Climate Law Investigation are important steps on the way.

In other words, the fact that we need to switch to more green electricity is a prerequisite for putting an end to greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. A very large part of the greenhouse gases comes from fossil fuels and via passenger cars and the transport sector. Being able to convert to electric operation and electric cars (accelerating e-mobility across Europe)is therefore very important. But this requires a properly developed charging structure with steady electricity without peaks and valleys in the price picture.

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