CellEra’s Platinum Free Membrane Fuel Cell activity has been acquired by Elbit (NASDAQ:ESLT), and is now part of Elbit Energy.

Welcome to CellEra

Fuel cells are a clean, safe, and reliable renewable power generation device, offering considerable benefits across a wide range of stationary and motive applications. Nevertheless, fuel cells’ wide market acceptance has been largely hampered to date by a key factor – their high cost.

CellEra has developed a revolutionary Platinum-Free Membrane Fuel Cell (PFM-FC) technology, which maintains the advantages of today’s leading low-temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM-FC), while alleviating the major cost factors.

PFM-FC allows the displacement of platinum catalysts in the fuel cell’s electrodes with transition metal catalysts, the replacement of graphite or stainless steel with lightweight aluminum hardware, and the implementation of simplified design, thermal management, and manufacturing methods.

Through its technology breakthroughs, CellEra is dramatically shifting the fuel cell cost paradigm for 1 kW – 100 kW fuel cell power applications.